About Us

Little Fanny Pants is a small, family owned and operated business based in Southwest Idaho. 

Every purchase you make from Little Fanny Pants helps support our family.

How it started

It all started with my obsession of all things reusable. I opened my WAHM shop, and I have been designing and sewing reusable cloth pads for years now through my business MissFannyPants. I have provided reusable menstrual products to people all over the world.

Dreaming of Diapers

Little Fanny Pants Diapers came to light after many of my customers requested cloth diapers for their babies. I decided to go for it and set out to design an amazing diaper. I didn’t just want to offer a basic, run of the mill cloth diaper. I wanted a diaper that is packed full of features and high quality. I sketched a rough draft and started contacting manufacturers to learn more. Having spent the last few years working with the raw material that go into diapers, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted in a diaper. I took my experience as a seamstress and spent many months working with designers and manufacturers to design just the right diaper we are proud to carry. 

One of my favorite things about the design process is getting to choose all the diaper prints. As a seamstress, I have always had access to one of a kind fabric and art. Being able to put my love of art in to designing all the new print releases just sings to my heart.

Learn more about our diapers here